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April 7, 2020

Wealth Wise

As the Hollywood saying goes, Ginger Rogers did the same routines backwards and in high heels, yet it was Fred Astaire’s fancy footwork that received the accolades. That women face certain gender-specific challenges that men don’t, is no longer news.

 In today’s #MeToo environment, where equality is a catch phrase on everyone’s lips, women are more educated and qualified than ever before.  However, our financial literacy levels – that is, our understanding and confidence in managing our OWN finances – is still very LOW.

As a qualified youth worker and trauma counsellor, Antoinette brings a different skillset to her role as a Certified Financial Planner®.  This has enabled her to offer emotional support as well as financial advice.  It’s therefore no surprise that the clients which she loves working with the most, have gone through some big life-changing event: redundancy, death of a spouse, divorce or retirement-when-you’re-scared-you-don’t-have-enough.

Antoinette is very passionate about Women’s Wealth Strategies and helping women like us to increase our financial literacy and, through that, empower us to greater economic heights.  She believes in simplifying and breaking down the jargon for her clients – making complex strategies easy to understand and therefore implement.

Specialising in providing advice to professional women, she is a seasoned presenter at seminars and boardroom lunches, writes articles and her mainstream media appearances include Sky News Business and Channel 9’s The Today Show.

In her session, she shares why it’s important to overcome the gender-specific challenges that threaten our financial security and gives us practical ideas that work.  She also discusses the reasons why couples often disagree about Money and how to overcome that in your relationship.



7 April, 2020
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Luigis Restaurant
15 Old Menangle Rd
Campbelltown, NSW 2560 Australia
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