Welcome to Victress


Welcome to the Victress Connection website and our first blog post!

Victress is for businesswomen with a mindset for success. This blog will be an extension of what you see from us during our empowering monthly breakfasts and cocktail series events. We have seen first-hand the incredible passion and drive that our fellow Macarthur businesswomen can bring to the table – at any level – be it steering or contributing to the strategic decisions of a business or at the community level by raising hundreds of thousands of dollars (literally!) for charity. We know that you’re savvy and resourceful and it’s what we love about working with and amongst you.

Via this blog we will share ideas, challenge existing and inspire new ways of thinking, give shout outs to and show love to our fiercely loyal tribe of supporters (Premier Partners, Victress Champions and in-kind suppliers) and invite discussion from you. We promise to keep posts interesting, diverse, and offer multi-sided perspectives.

We encourage you to get involved in the conversation by adding your comments, to browse around our website and, if you’re not already, come along to our monthly breakfasts. You’ll hear from truly empowering and thought-provoking guest speakers we’ve handpicked to cater for our members interests.

Thank you for reading, contributing and helping to share, collaborate and inspire. We’re excited to have you here!

Emma Macfarlane
Chairperson and Director